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Series of talks and exhibitions 2024/2025

Andreas Kühne, Peter Pohl and Eike Berg

In the framework of the project From Halle to Hungary and back in 40 years

12 April 2024, Friday, 7 pm
Andreas Kühne in conversation with Peter Pohl and Eike Berg

Participation after prior registration

13 - 14/ April 2014, Saturday-Sunday 11 am - 6 pm
Exhibition with art works by Peter Pohl and Eike Berg

Visit by appointment

Peter Pohl and Eike Berg met as members of the art association „Neue Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft“ (NMKG) and took part in the exhibition „Across all Mountains“ (Über alle Berge) in Bruckmühl in 2017. In the pop-up exhibition at the MALH, Pohl presents various examples of his artistic work, while Berg shows a section of his installation from Bruckmühl.

Andreas Kühne, who was born in Halle and is – among others - a member of the board of the Kunsthalle Talstraße, knows both artists as a long-standing member of the NMKG and talks to them about the art scene in Bavaria and their shared experiences with contemporary art.


Andreas Kühne

gborn 1952 in Halle (Saale), lives in Munich

Works as an editor of early modern sources, exhibition curator, art critic and publicist. Studied information science, history of art and science, 1981 Dr.-Ing., TH Ilmenau/ Thür., 2000 habilitation in history of science, LMU Munich, since 2001 honorary professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, since 2008 associate professor at LMU Munich for history of science, 2008-2010 professorship (W2) for museology, HAWK Hildesheim, since 2014 full member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2022 Director of its Department of Fine Arts, until 2020 author and co-editor of the German Nicolaus Copernicus Complete Edition.


Peter Pohl

born in Erlangen in 1966, lives in Ecking/Simssee

Peter Pohl has been drawn to the island of Losinj in Croatia since his childhood. Its intense nature and bizarre fauna, particularly the world of insects, have made a lasting impression on him and inspired him over the years. His drawings, paintings and sculptures reflect this influence.

The artist Peter Pohl is fascinated by the morphology of insects and makes it the subject of his work. He is, however, not an entomologist, but he uses the alluring shapes so abundant in nature to create his unique and unusual paintings and sculptures. They form concentrates of his imagination by abstraction and reduction.

Over the years he has compiled diary-like sketch books with charcoal and Indian ink drawings, in which he captures the shapes of the chitin-armoured insect world. In his drawings, intricate limbs, fragile wings, tentacles and legs are contrasted by the compact body shells.

For his sculptural objects, Peter Pohl uses materials such as cement, resin, wood and black marble. The sculpture of the beetle shell is a distinct art object in itself. His giant insect shells represent protection, isolation and defense.


Eike Berg

born 1966 in Halle/Saale, lives in Freising near Munich

At the core of Eike Berg’s works is the question of the organization and nature of human knowledge and perception. His works navigate around these semantic centers with varying conceptual approaches and different genres, including video, installation, photography, computer art, and light art. His works share a focus on the element of change, usually examining on notions of the borderline or transgressions of borders: space and time, reality and abstraction.


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Media Art Loft Halle (MALH) is a space for contemporary art with a focus on media art and discourse. A pop-up gallery and art salon, it was launched by Eike Berg at the end of 2023.

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Andreas Kühne
Peter Pohl
Eike Berg